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    Thought it was interesting to be contacted twice this week by phone by HP to complete a phone survey regarding the touchpad I returned several weeks ago. They wanted to know about the retail return experience and what specifically lead to my decision to return, which competitor product I purchased instead. In my case I ended up with a Samsung galaxy tab.. Her comment was i've been hearing that a lot (i did go out of my way to say that although I ended up with the thinnest tablet out there at the moment, the size/weight of the Touchpad was really a non-issue for me, and it was the lagginess and the leap of faith that sufficient updates would occur (given the spotty history of Pre updates we all endured) along with ecosystem growth and interest. She wanted to know specifically what I meant by lag, and etc.

    I said I was surprised that hp was still conducting such interviews, and she said that hp was pulling out of the hardware end of things, but not "the WebOS" adding something like at least for now or not at this point or something like that. They're sending out 20 dollar gift cards for taking the time to talk.

    Thought it was a bit odd and continues to send mixed signals as to what exactly hp is thinking and doing.
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    HP sure knows how to give money away... I should ask for some to be sent my way Good to hear they are still holding the webOS side of things in a forward direction.
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    Yea,tell them to give me a call.I could always use a extra $20.
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    I don't suppose I get this deal if I ordered from a 3rd party?

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