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    What am I missing? I have my new tablet and have loaded a video (MP4) and some JPG pictures on my tablet. However, when I click on pictures and video they are not there. I can see them on the tablet when I connect to my laptop but not on tablet alone. Can anyone tell me what I may be doing wrong?

    Many thanks for any help.

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    plug back in to Pc, and eject the usb device in windows explorer. See if that helps.
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    I recall reading something about this back when the touchpad was first released. I initially bought one and then returned it the next day extremely disappointed, but ordered another one during the fire sale. How did you load the pictures and video? Have you tried rebooting the touchpad to see if they appear?
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    I have ejected the usb drive...and have rebooted also. The pictures that loaded from Facebook I can see fine, it is the ones that I dragged and dropped from my laptop that don't show up. If I access them when hooked up to laptop they are there...but not when using tablet alone.

    Is there any other setting I should use. When I connect to laptop there is the choice on the tablet to choose usb drive, which I do and have the usb graphic on the tablet screen. This is the mode I use to dop pictures on to tablet.

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    I have the same problem, anyone knows why?
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    Are you dropping them into any specific folder, or just in the main partition? When in USB mode, try creating a folder and name it something and then drop your pictures into it. See if they register ejecting the device and starting the app.
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    Awesome! Not sure what I did--ecept I created a new folder "Pictures" and dropped pictures in there and a folder "Videos" and dropped video there. Then, carefully ejected....and voila...there they were. Thanks for the responses and it is now working. I love thsi tablet..I am an HP fan anyway and this OS is cool.

    Now--hoping for more apps!

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    Glad you got it working! Now... If your movies are coming up as blank icons and you want cover art for them, follow these simple directions:

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