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    Yesterday I thought I had upgraded to 3.0.2 but was not sure if the upgrade went through. Today I tried to check for updates and my TP said that I was not running 3.0.2 so I hit the download button and did it again. Still, it keeps prompting me that I need to update my software. Is there any way I can somehow confirm that i'm running 3.0.2?

    Off topic, but does anyone elses text get broken when they type messages on their TP on this forum?
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    hmmm, I just found that I am actually running 3.0.0, still trying to get 3.0.2 but its taking forever to download and keeps disconnecting.
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    I had this problem too. I used webos doctor to update it and it was fine after that.
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    holy fuaaaaaaaark, zyzz is aliveeeeeee!1!!!111
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    If anyone is having trouble getting the OS updated, you're best off just Doctoring to the newest version directly. Make sure you use the Backup button first to save your device info.

    Log into your profile HERE and click "Device Options" next to your TouchPad's listing.
    Then click "Get webOS Doctor" and follow the instructions.

    This will put a fresh copy of the operating system on your device. You will have to re-enter all of your account passwords and it will automatically re-download any apps you have installed.

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