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    I was on the phone with HP Tech support today and she got me to transfer all my outlook contacts into my touch pad ok but I just added a contact and want to transfer that one into my touch pad and tech support says i have to do it manually each time. The first time we did it was thru something called DEA online but that is a one time shot they said, from now on have to add or delete manually, does anyone know if this is true or not? So far I love this touch pad, especially for $99
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    All you have to do is import your contacts into a google or yahoo account, add that account to your ToucPad and sync.

    I just happen to use Google, here is how to do it:

    Export Outlook Contacts to Google Gmail - Outlook -
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    Companion Link tweeted that they are supporting USB transfer soon from OUtlook and ACT!, I can't wait.
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    Yet another way is through a live hotmail account which is basically an exchange server. Both the account and outlook web connector are free.

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