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    I noticed that the screen of my Touchpad was not down flush into the bezel like all the other TouchPad I've seen, so I called the service number I found in the box. The lady told me that my device could not be fixed, and that if I wanted a replacement device I would have to send my Touchpad in, and that I would need to pay a core charge of $350 until my device arrived. Then $300 of that would be returned, but that there was a fee of $50 for the exchange. It did not seem like she understood that the glass was coming up out of the bezel, nor did she want to discuss the meaning of what a warranty is. Are you kidding me? I was so furious that I just hung up.

    I then called the number for customer service that I found on HP's website. They were awesome. The woman was courteous, and understood that the problem was a manufacturing error, and not something that I did. She said that I should take off my screen cover, because I may not get the same device back that I send in, and I told her that if they didn't have another 16gb in stock, I wouldn't mind a 32 or 64. She laughed, and put it in her notes! I don't expect to receive anything more than what I send in, but just getting to talk to someone with a brain after having to deal with the first lady was refreshing.

    Just wanted to let you all know, don't call the webOS specific hotline, just call normal HP Customer Service.
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    Yeah their salespersons were really nice when I talked to them. They seem like down to earth people. When hell broke loose last weekend they said they were actually happy because a lot of them got paid overtime. I always appreciate good CS and HP seems to have it.

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