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    Hi Guy!
    Just a few questions from a new HPT owner. I, like many others, jumped on the opportunity to buy in the HPT craze! It fits me well for my needs. I got two-one for myself and one for my sister. Let start by mentioning that I have OC mine by following the well documented steps found in this forum and have install most of the recomended patches but sure could use your help of the following:

    1) When plugging it in to my Windows desktop and after transferring music, photos, videos and pdfs; I disengage it from my PC by right clicking on the USB icon on the right hand side by the clock and Safely Remove or eject media”. The HPT will eject but it will show still in USB mode on my HPT. I have waited upwards of 5 minutes and still engaged although it shows disengage on the PC-no longer available under My Computer. So alas no option but to pull the plug literally. And HPT gives me sad face-really cute. I wonder if anyone else has had that happen to their HPT? It happens to my OC and Prewared version and my sister, which is stock.

    2) I have read that video support for the HPT is very poor so I have decided to re encode using hand brake (Win 7) and Visual Hub(mac) but does not mater with option/setting I used, the video playback is jerky at best and lacks playback controls. This is true with either TouchPlayer or KalemSoft Media Player(version from: The #1 HP webOS, TouchPad, Pre, and Veer Community | do not mind paying and buying the right version but concerned that is will end up being money thrown away. I guess my question would be what other option is there? Another player or another encoder? I know that I would not want to for the rendering thru the CPU but rather depend on a GPU process and re-encode so not to tax the HPT…your thoughts? and there is the issue on the next question...

    3) Anyone in Canada has tried to sign up to the app marketplace? I tried getting my CC information added to my account yet get an error message that prompts me to contact my back. I was trying to add my President Choice MC. Anyone had that problem?

    4) I have Hamachi running for all my machines and wonder if although there is no Hamachi app for the webOS can I set up using the native VPN otion the HPT came with?

    5) After Preware was installed, does that preclude me from buying apps from legitimate sources like the HP app store?
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    1) The proper technique is to open up "Computer" and right click the TP drive to eject the device.
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    Encode at 1024x768 and use a lower bit rate.

    Many card default to block certain on-line purchases until you call and tell them it's really you. Call the CC company.

    preware won't preclude anything. It is a completely legit distribution of legit patches and apps.
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    sometimes it's actually preferable to improperly eject the tablet since that ensures the media indexer will cache the stuff you put on there

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