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    does a company like HP really not have enough servers or bandwidth?!
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    lol, remember they are going from 30 to 300,000 users in a week's time, I don't think even facebook, apple, and google combined could properly handle a user base increase like that!

    Ok, I may have exaggerated a little, but you get my point, not only do you have to have the systems set up, you need to have them properly configured and in place before people can use them in a useful capacity (ie: lots of work to do for lots of people)

    In the mean time I recommend installing pre-ware from a computer onto the touchpad and playing abound with the patches, uber kernel, Govnah, and the pretty large number of apps/ games you can find there
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    thanks, I especially like the speed bump from govnah/uberkernel.

    I can understand the difficulty they must be having, but I have not once been able to load the app market all the way. The card pops up and just sits on a grey screen. Is the normal right now?
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    nope. Maybe you should try starting Software Manager first, there should be an update for the app catalog. Install that, then try again.
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    its on version 5.0.16 and does not show an update
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    I've heard bad things about the update to app catalog?

    Last night, the app catalog was in terrible shape. searches all failed after taking forever, and it would only show one app per screen.
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    at least you get in, when I launch it all I get is a blank page. Fail.
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    Quote Originally Posted by opticalserenity View Post
    at least you get in, when I launch it all I get is a blank page. Fail.
    Same here. I've called WebOS butler and they did all types of things which I already did. They have escalated it to level 4 support. They only work in the week and said they will call me back tomorrow.

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    mine just shows some phone screen and does nothing.

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