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    I just updated my fire sale Touchpad. However, now I don't have any volume. I can't hear videos or even the keystroke sound. Any ideas what happened?
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    did you restart it? Also, check the device menu to make sure it isn't muted.
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    as cantaffordit said

    sometimes it happens. I think it's still a small bug in the software
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    Make sure you are updated to 3.02, fixed the problem for the most part for me. I've had just 1 occurrence since the OS update.
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    I had sound before the update yesterday and now I don't. I checked the settings and it's not muted. I attempted to play a few videos and no sound. Going to do a reboot and see how that works.
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    A shutdown and power back on fixed my no sound issues after updating to webOS 3.0.4
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    May be you installed Tuoch Vol patch. Just remove it & restart yr TP
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    My TP doesn't play sound on movies or music. I can hear sound on youtube and other internet sites. It's not muted, I've restarted, I've powered off/on. I've checked the settings. Not sure what else to do. Help!
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    Check your headphone connection for debris, also you may try the "TouchVol" app in Preware, and see if both the Media and System volumes are where you expect them to be.

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    make sure "airplane mode" is turn off and "mute sound" off

    I fixed my sound problem today after a little frustration

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