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    tried Getting the promo camera app an catalog then it tells me need update sys software but I'm up to date, n e help?
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    Should have 3.0.2 OS install so otherwise try rebooting the device and get the app again. Also go into your software manager app to see if there is an update for the app catalog to get. Due note the codes from the 6pk special are used up so they wont work till HP issues new ones.
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    I'm not getting it either - 16 gig TP - I updated to 3.0.2 68 as soon as the network would allow.
    Search the App Cat. for Camera - Doesn't show. When I open the Link found in yesterdays HP/Palm Blog - I am told "This application cannot run on your current operating system. Use the Updates app to install the system update and try again"

    When I do System to update, It reports your system is up-to-date...

    So I'm SOL at this point.
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    that link still does the same thing...

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