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    I have a Pre. TP#1 arrived and I logged in to the existing webOS account. All is fine.

    Now TP#2 is here as a backup for TP#1. Can I use the same webOS account? Does that wipe my other TP, or will both work?

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    They should both work fine. I've got my Pre and my TP running on the same account. Have a 2nd TP on the way I'll do the same thing to.
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    You can have unlimited amount of touchpads to a webOS account. Just can only have 1 phone to an account.
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    So if I use the Restore Data option, it will not change anything on the other TP?
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    Not sure how that works exactly, but I activated my 2nd with the same account, without any issues, for my girlfriend. I had to delete all my associated accounts, so my emails weren't showing up on her TouchPad. My guess on that would be no, it won't affect the other TouchPad, as you are just restoring the information to the second TouchPad.

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