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    First of all, hello all. It's my first post--so much great stuff here.

    I managed to snag two Touchpads via Costcentral for the parents--still hoping HP will sell me one more for myself when they get them (IF they do, haha).

    I've been hunting on a ton of odd, minor sites, hoping to snag one/convince someone to drop their price. I did talk to a few companies who confirmed they would be getting more Touchpads for the discounted price in the future.

    I came across one site,, who had an interesting message posted on their HP Touchpad product page:

    "TOUCHPAD AVAILABILITY UPDATE: HP says that there are shipments coming, and that they will continue to manufacture the Touchpads through the end of September. Unfortunately, no one is very forthcoming with hard numbers, but it does sound like plenty of these will be available. They just aren't making any promises as to exactly when and how many will be distributed at a time."

    I imagine that means that there could be more Touchpads that surface as HP slaps their remaining stock of loose parts together. It sounds hopeful, but who knows who actually posted that, or how much they really know. It's be nice to hear something more official.
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