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    In the web browser, on the Pre you hold down the shift button while you tap. Not sure how it works on the TP.

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    Tap and hold on a link. It can be a bit finicky though

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    That brings up the "Open in new card" option.
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    Do you mean the ones at the top corners of the device? Just drag down from off screen. Same way as on the phones.
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    No, go to the PreCentral main page and try to go to one of the sub-forums from the drop down.
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    Like most web based pages some drop downs will work others will appear fast and if you don't select from the menu quick it will just open up the whole drop down page. You the can select from the page.

    I think that is because its meant for computers will a mouse not a touch screen.
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    Looking for "hover".
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    It depends on how the menu is coded. These have logic for clicking the menu if the hover event does not occur and cause the menu to drop down (which is what happens in the Touchpad's browser). It was possible to "hover" and open the menu on the Pre by touching for a second and then moving your finger, but that doesn't seem to work on the Touchpad.
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    How does the iPad deal with this?
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    It generates a popover- a window that pops up with a larger version of the drop down.
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    Most websites are either using a css :hover class or a javascript onmouseover event for their dropdown menus, but I haven't found a way to simulate these on the touchpad either.

    As far as I know, the iPad doesn't support it either.
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    So anyone have a fix? I'm having the same problem.
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    I got it to work a few times. Double tap then stop (same location as refresh). Very tough to pull off.

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