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    I'm sorry if this has been explained before. I honestly tried searching the forums, but I couldnt find anything about doing it on the touchpad. On my Pre I just do orange button and click on the image. Whats the touchpad version of this?
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    simple: you hold your finger on screen until it 'right clicks', then choose 'copy to photos' and it will save the image (I don't remember specifically, but I'm pretty sure it will save the full resolution picture to the SSD, but it will only show you the low-res version in the photo-app -unless there is a work-around or other photo-app that will work right... But you can access the full res image from a computer)

    try it with the rep-bar under your profile in posts, it should work fine
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    wow, I feel stupid now. Thank you so much.
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    You can also take a screen shot by holding down the power and home button at the same time. Go into your picture app and screen shots folder will appear. Open the picture in full view, resize with pinch to zoom and take another screen shot.

    This is a little time consuming but it's another option if you have photos you want to save that just won't copy from the web.

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