I have been trying to get an HP Touchpad since forsake to no avail. Back story is being on Maui, Hawaii I was at a disadvantage because of a few reasons a) only a couple points of distribution 4 RadioShack, 2 OfficeMax, 1 Walmart b.) Some online resellers did not ship to Hawaii onsale, B&N, etc c.) Time difference made it hard some nights I stayed up till 3 am Hawaii Time checking to see if websites like CDW updated price or inventory only to go to sleep and wake up at 7 am to find price/stock finally updated but now no stock.

I expressed my frustrations with the resellers here so I thought that it only fair to post when one of them stepped up and made it right.

So Friday the story breaks that HP will reduce the touchpad (I have been an OG Sprint Pre user up until I ended my employment with Sprint) needless to say I wanted one. So I got off of work at 9 PM Hawaii, only store still open was Walmart I call them to inquire and they say they have one 32 GB in stock. I ask price they say $399. (My mistake here) I say can you try scan it because I think the price is supposed to drop. After a brief hold they comeback and say oh it is still $399. Walmart.com did not update price yet so didn't want to take it further. I wake up next morning at 7 am and call back Walmart.com and ask if they have the Touchpad and what price is they reply "NO, that's only online sir!" So I take it they were getting a lot of calls and someone (employee/customer) bought the one.

Now I call OfficeMax, manager says they have a ton! I ask price they say $399. I ask to put one on hold they say no need to just come we have a lot they are not selling. They open at 9 AM the call was placed at about 715. I get there about 845 there is 3 others in line in front of me. I thought no big deal they have "a ton". Doors open they say though they only have two to sell. I explain my earlier phone call that Manager said they have a lot. Manager on duty says he made a mistake thinking some of boxes were HP but they were another tablet. I walk away discouraged wondering if all these employees are buying it themselves.

Next I call RadioShack they say they have one but its regular price.

Next I call Costco they say they have 10 at regular price. I go to Costco on my lunchbreak to see if I could ask the manager to pricematch. When I get to Costco I learn that they pulled them off shelves to send back.

I continue to call RadioShack at different locations to check price. They all say still regular price. Finally, at about 830 pm I call a RadioShack and rep says they have 3 in stock but they are regular price and price will drop tomorrow first thing. I ask to hold, they says first come first serve. I go there next morning 1 hour before store opens, no one there but me until store opens. 5 mins before store opens employee opens door and asks if I'm here for HPTP I say yes. She says I'm sorry we don't have any to sell I didn't want u waiting any longer (thanks I waited for 55 mins and you saved me 5 mins by letting me know now) I explain the call I made night before and apologizes and says that was wrong info.

And of course add on the trying to order online like everyone else to no avail.

Now the happy ending. I just got the call from the local OfficeMax Store Manager (the manager I dealt with last Saturday was just Manager on Duty) he found a way to get a few more inventory in didn't say how or where (I didn't really care) but that he has a 32 GB model on hold for me and that I can pick it up. For miscommunication last week he will mark down 32 GB model to $99! Of course I will take that. (The minimal amount he got is for others like my situation there was about a total of 6 of us that day so I don't think there will be more to sell.)

We always see the bad experiences on these types of forums, I wanted to take the time to share my experience that was frustrating but ultimately ended with good news. Thank you, thank you again to Kahului OfficeMax manager and team.

On My Way to Pick Up My New HPTP

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