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    Surfing on your non-webOS phone, and you tried to swipe the page you're on.

    Having been a Pre user for nearly 2 years and getting a Nexus S 4G earlier this year, it's so refreshing how easy webOS is compared to other OS.

    I'm glad to be back to PreCentral!!

    And yes, I did get a TouchPad recently...
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    I never did that after I made the switch from Palm Pre.
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    Non-WebOS phone? I've still got a Sprint Pre.
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    Quote Originally Posted by r-nice View Post
    I never did that after I made the switch from Palm Pre.
    I never did that when I 1st got my NS4G, but after playing with the TP a few hours each of the last 3 nights, I've caught myself several times trying to swipe on my phone...
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    I do the same thing. I was a launch day Pre- user, but went the Nexus S 4G route a few months ago too. The hardware is fantastic and the app selection is great, but it's just not webOS. Thankfully I got a Touchpad the other day, so I'm back.
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    Quote Originally Posted by userengel View Post
    Non-WebOS phone? I've still got a Sprint Pre.
    There are phones without webOS?

    Still on my Pre-

    Waiting patiently to see what will come next. I can upgrade, but I don't see anything I really want yet. Maybe iPhone 5 when it comes, but I REALLY REALLY like webOS.
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    Me three, still using my 26 month old Pre.
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    after defecting from my launch pre to an android phone long ago, it's great to be back with webOS on my touchpad! and yes, after playing around with it the last few days i've started swiping every once in a while on my phone.
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    on my HTC windows phone. Also multitask is missed mucho. waiting for Mango.
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    I just go my TP earlier today and I have the desperate urge to do that myself...on my desktop monitor.

    Perhaps we should re-title this thread, "You know you have a webOS problem when...."

    (and this is my first experience with it. I'm just blown away how smooth it is.)
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    N900 has similar multitasking abilities, just not as pretty, and is running full linux stack. After that "phone"(actually its a pocket computer with phone capabilities) there is no Android/iOS/Windows phones for me because I want to decide when to close my applications and when to run them in the background. So WebOS is the only choice for me to run on the tablet. Thats why it's so good to have TPs around for so cheap. There is also MeeGo being developed and (for now) one meego phone model is getting ready to be sold in some countries, but that's about it.
    When I bought my Maemo-linux powered N900, its future was doomed.
    When I bought my WebOS powered Touchpad, its future was uncertain.
    IAmA multitasking necrophile!
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    Just did it on my HTC Desire. Damn I want a webOS phone
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    Had to switch to Nexus S 4G a little over a week ago and still try to swipe things away... Won a 32G Touchpad from HP, just sent in the forms to get it so looking forward to more WebOs, I really miss my Pre-, am hoping I can fix it and use it for something....
    Sadlly switched from Pre- to Sprint Nexus S 4G - An 32Gb Touchpad
    Laissez les bons temps rouler!
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    There are so many things I miss from webOS. And no TouchPad for me yet.

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