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    Just got my 32 gb TPad today. Plugged it in, turned it on and now have the white figure on the screen, the one with the arrow and to other lines terminating in a circle on one and a square on the other.

    It has been charging for a couple hours and it is stuck on this screen it seems. I can not get it to do anything else plugged or unplugged. Even when unplugged I can't turn it off it seems. Don't tell me I was lucky to score one and got a brick out of the deal!!!
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    I'd probably try a hard reset by holding power button and gesture area button for 15 seconds or so.
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    ^ I would aggree with that.

    It is impossible to have a "bricked webOS device" unless something is wrong hardware wise. The software can ALWAYS be fixed, unless you start messing with the touch to share stuff. Just ask internals... That can get a bit messy.
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