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    Sometimes I get good wifi signal sometime I get lag

    is it my network? I have 4 laptops on N and 1 old on G. could it be that when my bro uses his laptop on G connection it could be dragging everything down?

    Im also getting problem with youtube vids (lag)

    updated the tablet + overclocked 1.5ghz
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    yes , when a 802.11g card comes on-line.... the throughput drops to basically what G is...

    its like the AP is having to translate the information to OFTM to talk to G and then talk MCS to the N clients.

    see what happens when the 802.11g client is disabled....
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    Do you have a dual-band N-wireless router or single band?
    With single band, yes, that will slow it down.
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    I have 2 routers, both N
    all my laptops are N except for my brothers which is G
    also, I dont think it helps that my router is 2 floors below all the way in the basement

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