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    Ok so I got a few touchpads this week and after a day I sold it because having owned ipads I just keep thinking about what I couldn't do. Mainly I want to just browse the web, email, RDP into pcs, read all news sites with an app like pulse that loads rss feeds or something like that. The app store depressed me.

    Anyway the main issue why I sold it is when browsing the web when I scroll down on a page it seems to always be refocusing and then when I tap to zoom it doesn't hold vertical position even though it fits the page. So when I would tap to zoom to read the page moves in all directions and always is refocusing.

    Can anybody confirm this I updated, did preware, installed most patches like touch sensitivity overclocked 1.7 still did it. The main goal was to have it scroll a page just like an ipad (sorry for compare) or similar like when I move the page it stays in focus.

    I have one more coming to my house today and I really want to keep one, I feel like I gave up on it to soon.
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    You should get it and sell it to make a small profit.. You will never be satisfied with touchpad
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    Yes it's confirmed.

    You have issues.

    Sorry couldn't resist. Welcome to the forums.
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