Everything that HP is doing right now:

(1) Offering TPs for a low price
(2) Offering their new 6-pack app deal
(3) Offering significant discounts on accessories
(4) Already offering the 50GB storage online
(5) etc.

... had they focused on these kinds of things say, 6 weeks ago, what a different place we'd be in today! (Probably, unless the BOD had already decided to shutter WebOS hardware prior to the release of the TP) Also, these kinds of incentives should have been around when the Veer came out.

Sure, they may not have had to necessarily "launch" the TP at $99/$149, but something like $249/$299 would have been an eye-opener.

Last night I had intended to go buy some apps, but then saw the 6-pack deal. I downloaded those, but this weekend I intend to buy some and help these developers out.

Long live WebOS! I am loving my over-clocked, minimal logging TP!