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    Apologies if it's been asked before, newbie here. But just how long does it take to charge a Touchpad? I say this, because my one seems to be doing 1% every 1 - 2 minutes, using mains. Which seems glacially slow.
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    So, 90-180 minutes for a device that's supposed to last around 9 hours? Sounds reasonable to me.
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    1% every minute or 2 is about right. I use mine on the touchstone with the case on (folded double) and I get about 15% per hour.
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    Cheers dudes. Wanted to make sure my new, used to be expensive toy was working.
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    i just leave mine over night,and I have it charge very slow sometimes, and faster others.
    both when not in use
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    If you press the power button on the top to turn off the display it charges much faster.

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