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    I got the new touchpad and not able to hear any sound out of it, tried restarting, echo calling from skype and all with no resolution. Please help me, it is on 3.0.2. Even the upgrade to latest version didnt help.
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    Does volume indicate full volume when you press the volume rocker switch?
    Do you get sound from wired headphones?
    Do you get sound from bluetooth headphones?
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    yes volume is full and maxed
    no sound from wired headphones
    dont have bluetooth headphone to try this
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    make sure you don't have mute on
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    no it is not muted
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    What apps have you tried? You only mention skype.

    It sounds like a hardware issue in all likelihood.
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    I tried Skype and ringtones from sounds and ringtones in settings and also went to YouTube and played a luck on sound with any of these...
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    You have a 1yr warranty. Send it back and get it fixed or replaced.
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    send it back for warranty repair/replacement.

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