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    What will happen to WebOS?
    Personally, it would be in the best of interest for Nokia to at the very least Look into WebOS (symbian??? No thank you).

    And here's a wild card, RIM. i know that's out of the left field.
    RIM is already laying a foundation with their next gen OS, but that leaked MEMO couple months ago has me thinking

    I've had a Palm Pre, BBerry, and an Android phone all in the past 6 months. There were Neg and Pos with all phones/os.
    Simply put, there is no perfect phone. However, the email security plus BBM do set the phone apart.

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    Nokia is committed to Microsoft and Windows Phone. And they dropped their Amiga OS in favor for Windows Phone.
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    Why on earth would Nokia consider webOS? They are clearly aligned with Microsoft, and may even become Microsoft's latest acquisition.

    edit: What NickA said.
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    Im just throwing it out there. IMO the OS is just too effective and user friendly to just disappear
    "My main objective is to be professional but to kill him."
    Mike Tyson
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    PSG will be spun off into its own company and will start releasing webOS devices once more, then I will finally get my Pre 3.

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