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    A buddy of mine just forwarded the following message to me after getting an order cancellation notice from an online vendor. Take it with a grain of salt.

    Hello *********,

    We have spoken to our distributor and was just informed that HP is retracting it's initial announcement in regards to discounting the HP Touch-pad, which was the reason for the massive price drop. HP has informed our distributor that they will continue to manufacture the HP touch-pad in the future, but they don't have none in stock, and they don't expect to have anymore in production until Oct 2011. Because of this, all orders for the HP Touch-pad will be canceled. We apologize for any inconvenience, and would like to offer a 10% discount (on your entire purchase) for a future order you place with us. That's our way of saying thank you for your patience and understanding. Just place your order and email us code: HPDIS10 to receive your discount. If you have any further questions please feel free to email or call us Monday thru Friday from 9AM to 5PM Eastern Standard Time.

    Thank you!

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    hahaha, code is HPDIS10...cuz you been dissed
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    Only in our dreams... (and maybe that of the shareholders.)
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    unless HP says this themselves i call BS.. Vendor probably just trying to make excuses for not fulfilling orders
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    Hmm. I sincerely doubt it, and she needs to work on her English skills. However, I hope it's true.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ReaganElephant View Post
    but they don't have none in stock,

    I HIGHLY doubt that there is even a shred of truth to this. Maybe someone got their information confused...

    Production STOPS in October
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siah1214 View Post
    Hmm. I sincerely doubt it, and she needs to work on her English skills. However, I hope it's true.
    I was going to say the same thing: "don't have none". Real professional.
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    "from an online vendor"

    next on World's Best Sources.......
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    Pretty unlikely, I think this is just some BS to cover their backs for cancelling orders. This CS rep needs some English lessons, she needs to learn to type good like what I does.
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    Yolanda is such a hot name. *wink*
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    I wouldn't completely discount this idea de to the rate they're selling and the growing popularity and name recogntion.

    Would still be sweet if they license out though, samsung and htc please.
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    because Samsung refused to buy webOS as they dont own any patents its held by acacia
    If this helped you hit thanks.
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    I too don't believe it, but considering HP's/LA's impressive management skills, I wouldn't be surprised at all
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    Yeah, they are going to restart production on an item that they just flooded the markets with at extreme low costs with the same item at full price.

    So a month later, they'll say we are discontinuing the touchpad because of low sales.
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    This is to keep your buddy happy with them in the hope he'll use the discount code and spend some money on their site.

    I would suggest that the likelihood of a 3rd party vendor customer services rep. knowing a genuine fairly big scoop not broken by a single tech news site and casually letting it slip in a form email is around 0.0001%.
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    So is PalmSource licensed out material for PalmOS to Palm, how does webOS come into play with the patients held by PalmSource?
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    <thread moved>
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    If this were true I'd :

    A.) Be very happy that webOS lives.

    B.) Want to punch LA and rest of the HP execs for relaunching this after roughly 6 weeks downtime bc these @sshats should have already had a slim slim slim version updated to match ipad2 & tab 10.1 profiles, & if they were halfway smart it should easily trump those. But they won't & they haven't . I will say I was mighty impressed with Samsung's turn around time when they saw the ipad 2's size and literally it was like they had a unicorn deliver it up in 2 seconds. Wish I could see webos bust out on some bleeding edge 1st to market specs for a phone or tablet.

    Hell, if there was a way to flash webos onto an ipad 2, given the build quality & the fact it was said to seriously haul & took advantage of gpu acceration, I think I would slap down some serious cash.

    Any chance webos will ever see some gpu acceration? I'm assuming that's not an option on the tp, but in future devices if there is any - does the 3.0 allow for it even really at this point?
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    If this is true, well...

    That would be CRIMINAL! How dare they turn around and go against their word!

    (sorry couldn't help it :P )
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    Quote Originally Posted by Siah1214 View Post
    Hmm. I sincerely doubt it, and she needs to work on her English skills. However, I hope it's true.
    "but they don't have none in stock" lol
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