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    I just got my new touchpad and the load time when restarting the tablet is horrible. I have already made all the updates and installed preware patches. A few times the startup time was so slow that I thought I bricked it!

    Something as simple as Angry Birds HD app takes a long time to load, the screen just sits on the "Rovia" screen for about 2-3 minutes!

    Is that expected ? The only thing I have not done is overclock my tablet? Other apps freeze too.
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    Make sure you have the latest system updates (ver. 3.0.2). Resolves a lot of issues with PDK related applications.
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    I already did, I updated it first. Still have problems loading apps. They are just slow..
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    The TP does some background syncing for the first few days, that might be a cause.
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    Give it some time to finish uploading contacts, photos, Facebook info, etc.. If you just got it and fired it up, it'll be slow. Make sure your wi-fi router is not using WEP as the security protocol. Others have reported wi-fi issues when using WEP. Also, reboot times have never been great.
    By the way, I assume you've overclocked it to 1.5GHz?
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    Restart is slow same on the Pres's, game launch however, I had email open and launched Angry Birds, took 10 or so seconds to be ready to play the game.

    BUT I'm running my TP @ 1.5ghz

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    I did not overclock it to 1.5...any links on how to do that. I saw some overclocking links for that the same thing?
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    Search on Preware for the Uberkernel (Touchpad) patch and the Govnah Homebrew application. Install them both. After rebooting (not sure if necessary, but might as well), open up Govnah and change the profile from Palm Default to OnDemandTcl 1512. That should do it.

    Edit: By the way, make sure you read all of the warnings, etc.
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    Thanks guys..let me try that!
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    are there any issues with possible future firmware updates if the kernel is patched? Don't want to axe official updates if I overclock my touchpad
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    No there are not, and hasn't been in some time. Most complications come from patches, these are usually worked on as quickly as possible, usually within 24 hours.

    The best precaution, that webOS Internals advises, is to wait 24 hours after an OTA (Over-the-air) update, while they check for conflicts. They will announce when it is safe to follow through with the update.

    Alternatively, you can simply remove your patches, the same way you installed them, whether it be WOSQI or Preware, install your update, then start attempting to reinstall your patches. If there's a problem, then the patches will not install, and no harm done.

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