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    when you go to starbucks and access that att wifi signal you are prompted to accept the terms and conditions on the web browser, hit accept and bamm off you go.

    The touchpad connects to att wifi however it doesnt ever seem to be able to load that " terms and conditions page"

    touchpad works fine on home wifi

    any ideas? have done a reset already

    i even get that notification that network login is required!
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    I have the same problem. I think the TP has some sort of security feature which doesn't allow synergy to sync while on public WiFi.

    Also, my work has a secure, authentication method for WiFi, but I am unable to connect even with my credentials. The iPad/iPhone can connect without issues.
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    Does anyone have any ideas about this? My only wifi access on base is a public wifi that takes you to a webpage to login. are there any work arounds that are known of? It works just fine on my thrive and iphone. or if there is a way to download apps on your computer and then just install them through the webos quick install. thank you!

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