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    1) I can't sign into my Google account (unknown error). I've read that the touchpad doesn't recognize certain characters within a password. I've removed those characters but to no avail. Does anyone know of a solution?

    2) the SMS function of the touchpad doesn't seem to be working correctly either. It will connect to my VZW pre 2 just fine but nothing happens after it connects. There is no screen to start typing up a text message.

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    Try deleting your Google account, then reinstall it.

    At this point, the SMS function will work only on the Pre 3 with webOS 2.2. We can hope we will get an update on our Pre 2s.
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    It won't add the google account. There is nothing to delete.

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    I have the same problem (unknown error). I've removed the account, added it again and still receive the error. If I enter an invalid password, I get an invalid password error so this is something else.

    Anyone know the fix for this? Huge issue not having my google account synced with synergy.

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