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    looks cool

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    looks cool

    Removed by user already.

    It's difficult to believe since webOS is supposed to be hardcoded to the qualcomm chipset. What PCs run a qualcomm processor? Maybe a netbook?
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    The emulator image runs on a virtual box image... I believe it may be x86. Not completely far fetched.

    The emulator image is crippled, though. No app catalog, many key features simply do not work.
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    This video has been removed by the user.

    Sorry about that.
    All gone...
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    Video from original developer of the method:

    Booting Touchpad webOS 3.x.x on x86 PC
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    I reuploaded the video... Here it is hxxp:// as usual replace xx with tt
    if you want you can update the first post.

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