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    I guess I just got lucky.

    I woke up, was reading some news about the touchpad and thought "holy crap that's cheap"....

    My next thought was "it's almost opening time for the staples up the street".

    A few minutes later I was walking out with a touchpad. I was the only one there when they opened, although as I was leaving some other people were heading in staring at my big white touchpad box asking me if they still had touchpads.

    When I got home and started looking at the crazy threads and frenzy going on, I felt pretty good about my experience . I only regretted not buying every single one they had (they had a handful, all 32gig, I could have taken the whole stack). The thought hadn't even crossed my mind while I was there, but as the day went on and they started going for 300$+ on ebay....

    At any rate, I'm happy with what I got. And after it's all said and done I have a 32gig touchpad, a HP bluetooth keyboard for it, a HP case, and everything put together has cost me well under 100$ -total- (I got my hands on a second touchpad and wound up selling it to a desperate acquaintance for a bit less than they were going for online).

    It's been officially one of the best deals I've ever encountered. And I learned something - I can't imagine NOT having this thing. I've been using it more than my desktop, more than my laptop. It's just such a nice casual device for browsing, light use, note taking, video watching, etc etc etc etc. I could never justify this at 500-600$ before (especially after my experiences as a pre- early adopter), but now that I own one, I've changed my tune. It's a wonderful internet appliance .
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    Quote Originally Posted by NickA View Post
    I'll buy the 16GB if you don't want to keep it.
    Actually got it for my FIL (father-in-law). If he changes his mind, will let you know.

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    Missed the 1st round this past weekend. Tried ordering from B & N on Monday and my order was canceled (welcome to the club).

    I heard that Best Buy would be getting more on Wednesday. I called Tuesday night and they said that they didn't have any. I went to BBY Wednesday morning before 10 AM and parked my **** in front of the door. I was the first one in the door at 10 AM and I proceeded directly to the computer department and scored a 32GB! They were only selling one per customer. I didn't stick around. I don't know how many they got in, but I suspect they sold out in about 20 minutes.

    BTW. No line at my Best Buy. No tickets.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Mighty BK View Post
    married, 3 kids, FT job...not even remotely possible

    I'm married, two kids, full-time job, full-time school...oh yeah, and an incredible wife who encouraged me to "experience the adventure".
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    I read engadget about 3 times a day. Was out to eat friday and on my bathroom visit i decied to check it at around 9pm est and saw the update on the touchpad price adjustemnts so when I got home i popped on the 32gb with coupon code for $30 off and padded my order with paper. After follwing slickdeals for a couple hours i got worried that the coupon code with void out my order so i went to office depot dawt com at about 130 am and reserved one 16gb for instore pickup on saturday for $399. Work up at about 4am after being exicited and dreaming about my shiny new touchpad and checked the office depot site and saw they did drop it to $130. went back to sleep. woke up at 850 (office depot is across the street from my house) brushed my teeth and was out the door. Got there and i was number 8 in line. We get inside and he is looking up in the system how many he had. I made it known that I had a pickup order so when he said he had 2 16gbs and 1 32gb i was in luck. he went in back to get them and turns out they only had one 16gb which was still mine b/c of the online order! PROFIT!!

    yesterday I got the tracking number for my HP order so I SHOULD have my 32gb tomorrow and the 16gb will go to my wife even tho she will probally only use it to play jewels and solitare on and maybe surf a bit. shes not a techy like me.
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