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    Sorry for the poor quality, here's a quick video showing browser screen load times between the UberKernel-22/1.5Ghz tweaked tp and a stock tp...

    Reference this thread for the tweaks...
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    wow, nice effect.
    while you are testing, could you test with patches (like the riddle patch etc) and then with just patches and no overclock? some ppl hesitate to overclock, and that effect would be very interessting i think.
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    How's the battery life with the 1.5ghz speed bump?
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    Is it true that the 16 and 32GB processor is the same as the 64GB, but the 64GB is overclocked? I read this somewhere (possibly a dream).
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    Without getting into details of how processor manufacturers have higher-binned versions of the same core, I'll go with yes, they're exactly the same.

    It could be that the new 1.5Ghz version is a higher-binned core, all that means (in dummy terms) is that it was tested more stable at a higher speed. What I'm thinking is that the new 1.5Ghz chip really is identical in every way (it is the same APQ8060 variant).

    I've been overclocking my TP since the day that UberKernel was moved out of the testing feeds. I have virtually the EXACT same battery life. Standby is identical because they dynamically change speed dependent on need and whether or not it uses more power when under load doesn't even cause enough of a difference to be able to tell.
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    So will someone make a kernal for the white model since it should be able to be OC'd even higher without stressing it as much or is that not the case?
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    I'm going to add this video to my "get started" guide as an example of the speed difference from all the tweaking.

    Wonderful stuff here .
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    It's amazing just how much better the TouchPad becomes with the 1.5Ghz overclock.
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    Thanks for posting this video. I have been wary of overclocking my 32GB due to testing feeds and stability issues, and wasn't sure if the 1.5GHz speed bump really providednthsy much lift.

    Now I'll definitely be trying it out. Hopefully both cores will be overclocked and stable soon!

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