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    So I'm wondering if HP plans on opening up the Bluetooth profile to syncing with non-webOS phones since they are discontinuing production of all webOS devices going forward. This tablet would be wicked cool if I could sync my WP7 HTC Arrive and receive calls and Txt messages through the tablet the same way my car stereo does.

    If HP Doesn't do it, is this something the webOS Internals team might be able to make happen?

    Further, I'm concerned HP will not move to include Facebook Chat in a future update... and this is an important feature for me, as utilizing facebook chat in the webOS browser is buggy at best.

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    I hope this is possible, would love this on my touchpad when I get it too! Question is, can the arrive send texts via Bluetooth?
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    Well, when sync'd with my car stereo, my car stereo is able to read aloud txt messages as they arrive. Granted, I am using Mango pre-release, but I believe that yes, other devices can be aware of text messages via bluetooth.

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