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    I started out syncing my music with HP Play; worked great the first time...then the 2nd time I plugged my TouchPad into my computer it just hangs on "Mounting Device". Usually ends up freezing HP Play and causes it to I gave up on that and tried doubletwist. Well all seemed well for doubletwist; I simply plugged in the TouchPad, it found it right away, and synced about 3 or 4 playlists to my TouchPad. After about an hour everything was sync'd.

    So I go into my TouchPad's music app and start browsing the songs...when I first click on my playlist it shows say "(474)" songs, then in about 2 seconds it drops down to say "(124)" songs and I'm missing a bunch from my playlists...I've tried restarting the TouchPad a few times; also resyncing but I can't get anywhere...this is really starting to upset me. I'm thinking of trying HP Play once more if I can't get doubletwist working. Anybody else having similar issues? If so, how'd you fix it?

    Thanks guys...
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    I am also trying to sync with doubletwist instead of the miserable HP Play. I am having a similar issue, except that my playlists have a couple hundred songs in them, and the music app sees the playlist but can't find any of the songs; they all show zero when i select them, despite being able to to see and play songs outside of the playlist interface one at a time just fine.
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    I manually copied all my music over to the touch pad. No matter what I do I cant get the touchpad music app to see my music. If I click on a mp3 file in the explorer app it plays the mp3 file using the streaming music app. Anyone know how to get the touchpad to see my music? TIA
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    I emailed doubletwist and got this in reply:


    Until the next version of the desktop build is released, you could try these development builds that have TouchPad support:


    Note that these builds have not gone through QA.
    doubleTwist Support"

    I installed the beta and it is syncing perfectly now.

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