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    Couldn't find it with the search function...

    Can anyone explain or link the directory structure in webos on TP?

    I was wondering that QuickOffice can't access subfolders, right? On the other hand where to save photos, videos, docs and other stuff? I can't believe that these stuff should be saved in the main folder where the system folders and files are saved, too.

    I am using internalz and trying to get an overview on how to organize the files transferred...

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    I don't have my Touchpad yet (tracking order just received today! Yay!) But for webos 1.4.5& 2.1.0 there was a /media/internal folder that housed most personal data like pix music or vids. I'd assume it's the sam on 3.x
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    Thanks woodmaster!

    Anyone else has more information?
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    Directory structure is basically linux with /media/internal being, essentially, the home directory and the one accessible as a USB Flash drive. With Internalz you can navigate anywhere (/bin, whatever), but I don't think any apps will look there.
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    Thanks, that works!
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    Internalz Pro in Preware. You can see the structure well there.

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