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    When I go to my school's RenWeb site, it reboots my touchPad
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    Quote Originally Posted by waiving View Post
    does anyone know what the TP browser returns as a user-agent info string?
    Mozilla/5.0 (hp-tablet; Linux; hpwOS/3.0.2; U; en-US) AppleWebKit/534.6 (KHTML, like Gecko) wOSBrowser/234.40.1 Safari/534.6 TouchPad/1.0
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    yeah idk what the problem is guys =( this is really frustrating me even tho i still love my touchpad haha...there are two alternate browsers on the hp store...have u guys tried them to see if they work!?
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    I had one random web site where - when I put my cursor in the userid box, it treated it like a txt msg entry box and wanted to automatically capitalize the first character, so I had to jump through hoops to make sure it was lower case. Something to check
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    Quote Originally Posted by slamdunksaliby View Post
    Same problem with logging on to the portal....Please help! Csu tech support couldn't help haha....would an alternate browser work maybe?
    Ah, crazy -- Glad I read this. I was gonna head up there just to have Tech support look at it right now. They didn't make any progress since you wrote this, right?
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    Yeah man don't bother...I'm in class right now...we shud meet up afterwards! I have some ideas to fixing it
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