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    I am sharing my TP with someone else, so when I activated it, I created a new email account and named the TP based on this. If one day I decide that only I'm going to use it, and I wipe it and reactivate it:

    1. Does this mean I have to re-download all of my apps or are they backed up somewhere?
    2. Are there any issues with using a TP account name that was setup for me and someone else, if I end up being the only one using it? OR is it just like creating an account on a computer and that is just the name that displays and does not really mean anything else?

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    Your app purchases are automatically backed up to your profile (unless you have turned off that function -- I would suggest not). You can always restore your apps as long as you log into the same profile. You may want to check with HP about changing the profile email.

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