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    I purchased a Touchpad this week during the firesale, so I am new to the WebOS community. I am coming from Android, love the openness but hate the risk with my Motorola. I have wanted to enter the Linux world for quite some time but did not know where to start.

    I bought this TouchPad thinking that it would be a cheap web browsing tablet but found it to be my gateway to a non-windows world.

    My question is can anyone recommend any resources for me to learn this OS. Especially when related to the mobile version? I would like to understand this platform more. I am sad that I jumped on this platform so late.

    Please help.
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    Quote Originally Posted by grappler View Post

    you forgot the dash.

    Main Page - WebOS Internals
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    Are you asking more of "How do I use WebOS?" or moreso "How do I unleash the most potential out of it"?
    For example, are you asking more "How do Cards work and how do I operate them?" or "How do I install Patches to improve performance/customize my WebOS?"

    As for you mentioning how you didn't know how to get started with Linux... WebOS probably isn't too relevant in that regard, as it's very much altered compared to anything that resembles a standard Linux experience - you'll only start seeing the Linux influence once you dig in with homebrew and such. However, if you want to give Linux a whirl on the PC for starters, I would seriously suggest to go and download a ISO of Ubuntu, a well developed and newbie friendly distro. You can burn it on a CD/DVD and boot into the LiveCD without ever touching your Windows HDD past that; it's really easy and pretty much risk-free, as the only issue with getting into Ubuntu at that point is maybe changing a BIOs setting that'd let you boot into CD before booting into HDD.
    You MAY have some hardware troubles - like issues with getting your wireless card running, a not uncommon occurrence - but the Ubuntu community is quite newbie friendly and Google is a good friend here too.
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    I tried to load Umbutu several months ago but could not get it to work with my peripherals. I got it to boot but lacked drivers, I assume.

    I want to learn how to interact with the mobile and and desktop version. I have no software development experience but would like a starting point.

    The question I ask is both. I want understand WebOS and Umbutu/Linux but WebOS to start with because I love my TP.
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    The best thing to do is to download

    "WebOS Quick Install" on your computer

    and install "Preware" from that on your Touchpad Preware

    and start patching and hacking away at the OS.

    Thats how I learned.

    WebOS is based off linux but ill let you in on a secret:

    The entire OS is just one big Internet Browser.

    Luna, the visual managment system is just a Web Browser.

    Everything you see on WebOS is just a big website being run locally on the Touchpad.

    Most apps and the main user interface is built using web standards: HTML5, Advanced CSS3, Javascript, PHP, and NodeJS.

    There is some C++ compiled apps, but they run in a virtualization window within the Luna "Website".

    Whenever you save a setting for an app, they are stored as "cookies" in WebOS like with websites.

    WebOS IS a web OS... you are basically running a big website locally.

    Knowing this is what really helps you get your mind around the OS.

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