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    Got me a Touchpad. I installed the Uberkernel and associated files, and did a bunch of the recommended speed tweaks (wow, what a difference!).

    The TP is really nice but ultimately I prefer my iPad, and my fiancee doesn't understand why I even bought the TP. (It was a bargain honey!)

    So I'm selling the TP on CL and need to wipe my data from it. My question is, do I need to revert to the web os kernel before wiping it, or does a restore revert EVERYTHING to stock, including the kernel?

    Thanks folks.

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    can anyone help a noob?
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    Hey mcdj! We keep following each other all over the internets, lol.

    Just download WebOS Doctor 3.0.2 for Touchpad and restore. This wipes everything.

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