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    ...even if it is too little, too late.

    Background: I ordered a 16gb to from HP small business site Friday night, paid with a debit card that had $180 on it. It's a refillable card that I get paid on for doing market research related to my line of work. Afterwards, I saw two $1 pre-authorizations from HP. Because of the craziness with hp's website and the fact that their website said they were unable to process my order, when I heard barnes and noble was selling them, I ordered one from them. Unfortunately they didn't have enough and my order was eventually cancelled. Even more unfortunately, they had put a pre-authorization on the card for the full amount. Later that night, HP got around to trying to fill my order and it appeared that I only had $66 dollars on the card, so THEY cancelled my order too. So I was screwed slightly by B&N as they didn't have the inventory to fill my order, then I was REALLY screwed by them because they had my debit card balance tied up in an order that was never going to happen! As I'm sure you can imagine, a very nice barnes and noble customer service rep got to hear about how they screwed me and how I felt about it.

    On to the attempt to "make it right". Got an email today from today apologizing to those who didn't get their touchpads and giving each of u's a $20 gift card to b&n. So better than nothing, and I guess I won't trade my nook in for a kindle, but I'd have rather had a touchpad.
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    20 bucks, I'll accept it and they will be forgiven, I might even buy a school book there depending on their price.
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    I Never got this 20 dollar email...
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    me neither!
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    i also received an email apology and $20 gift card.... Getting ebooks for my Nook
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    onSale never even contacted me at all much less gave me a giftcard
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    $20 gift card email sent to me too...sent to me at 5:45 est. My authorization charges was finally released this evening too. Just to add my 2 cents
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    Never got an email either.
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    They canceled two orders on me, so I should get $40, right?

    But I got nuffin.
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    Well, maybe they're not trying that hard. I do own a nook color and have bought more than 60 nook books over the last year or two and I called and expressed my displeasure to their customer service. So I guess they're just being nice to a good customer.
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    Maybe this is for people hit with the pre-authorization?

    Mine was canceled, no $20 cert (yet) and nothing was charged to my account.
    I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.
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    my wife got one today

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