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    May be old news as things are moving fast, but just saw this on Palm Eurostore site:

    Update Thur 25th 10pm :
    This product is no longer available for sale. We do not expect this position to change.
    Customers who had already placed an order with Palm Eurostore have been sent an email communication in relation to their order.

    Dear Palm Eurostore customer,

    We regret to have to inform you that Palm Eurostore will NOT now be in a position to fulfill orders that have been received for the HP TouchPad 16Gb WiFi ( Part Number: FB405UA#ABB ) or the HP TouchPad 32Gb WiFi ( Part Number: FB368UA#ABB ).

    More at:
    HP TouchPad 16GB WiFi - Palm Accessories
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    I think with the touch pad I will wait a week or two, by that time the rush should be over and prices will be realistic on ebay, The most I am willing to pay for a 16gb is 120 and a 32gb 160.

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