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    hello all
    can any one please help me. i just bought an HP Touchpad at bestbuy and i notice that the volume down button seams stuck. every time i turn on the pad it goes into automated test mode. at first i did the whole test and everything works. can some one please help me i cant get my money back it was as is sale............
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    Hey same thing happen to me. But all i did was played with the volume button to unstick it. (it works fine now).

    But to get the touchpad to work properly I had to Hold down the Power and Home button to get it to do a hard reset. Now the table works just fine.

    It is a great table for $100.
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    If the above doesn't work, try holding the volume up button while turning on.
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    thanks .....
    i notice that it was the volume button that was stuck. i tried moving it around at boot and it work but when ever i want to turn down the volume i have to play with it. i called HP and they send me a prepaid box (just checked ups and its on its way). hope Hp does not sale my touch pad lol.

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