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    Just now received an email that all TP orders to Eurostore are cancelled

    -- Sent from my Palm Pre using Forums
    -Unlocked Pre3 QWERTY from Palm Eurostore
    Activated on German app catalog including Payed Apps with
    -TouchPad from EBay using German app catalog
    German App Cataloge including Payed Apps with
    -HP Veer QWERTZ from MediaMarkt in Germany as backup/tehtering device
    Activated on German app catalog with Impostah including Payed Apps with
    -German O2 Pre- testing 2.2.4 WiFi only profile
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    To be honest.... I think a great many of us had the feeling this was going to happen. Maybe they'll still honour the Pre3's though.

    Im hoping, their being smart and keeping stock back to do say, a fire sale a month, to keep webOS fresh in developers minds . Well, a fools hope, but considering who runs HP now..... :P

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