On my cousins TouchPad the email app, while one particular email would be selected if he where to stay on that email reading it but decide to swipe and delete another email already knowing its junk or what have you without having to view it. Now whenever this is done the email he was actually viewing would jump to the next one down by itself in some cases it would jump 3 emails down!?

Now on MY TouchPad if I swipe and delete any email it would never change from the current email I was actually viewing and everything was good. I tried to replicate this on my Touchpad but couldn't. I notice he had his Gmail and Hotmail accounts both on His where as I only had my AOL account on mine.

After going threw the settings for each account and not finding anything I decided to add my gmail account to my Touchpad so I would also have 2 accounts just like my cousins. NOW when I swipe and delete MY touchpad jumps from the current email im viewing to the next one down AND sometimes jumps 3 emails down the list!? After achieving the same result on mine I figured it was a glitch if you have more than one email account on the TouchPad so I deleted my Gmail account and am now back to only having my AOL account. But the problem is still there! very annoying.

Is there a fix for this? a patch maybe? Is this a known problem? Any suggestions on fixing this?