I've purchased 5 movies so far from the HP MovieStore and then deleted them to free up space. I had to Doctor my TouchPad once and noticed that even though I'd had them all downloaded before, the app no longer saw them and I had to download again/deleting the old ones. Anyway, I went to download the other night and initiated 1 of them, and it just sat at "Pending" for several minutes doing nothing. So, I cancelled it thinking I'd try again later. It ended up downloading it afterall with a weird 0000 filename but when I went to play it, it said licensing error and tap here to download license. Everytime I do this, it fails. I can't delete it either. Hitting the delete button does nothing. I manually deleted it through Gemini File Manager but the software thinks I still have it. I've uninstalled/reinstalled HP MovieStore multiple times. I've deleted the .hpmoviestore folder on Media. But when I login again, that 1 movie still shows downloaded with bad license. How can I permanently eliminate all related files/settings for this and start over again as if I'd doctored without having to doctor? There must be another settings folder stored somewhere that I can go delete with Internalz Pro. Anyone else ran into this? Would appreciate any insight.