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    Being the awesome woman that my wife is, she was out and about today and decided to drop into CompUSA here in Houston. She asked the manager the obvious questions... to which he replied that "they do not have any TP's because the minute HP dropped the price they shipped all of their stock back to HP." He then went on to say that "they are not getting any more shipments and that she could try any PC store within a 50 mile radius and we would not find any." True...(heavy sobbing) ..... sigh.....
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    Let me know if you turn up any in houston, i'll do the same.
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    I'm just remembered a friend that works for Best Buy, in a career kind of way in the Houston area. I just texted him to see what's up. I'll happily report back to all Houston related threads AFTER I secure one.
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    AFTER I secure one. doubt!

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