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    I've got my touhpad plugged into my netbook and it doesn't seem to be charging. I did a couple of hard resets and still can't see the lightning bolt on the battery meter. Plugged it into the wall outlet just to make sure it wasn't a larger issue, charges as it should of course.

    This happening for anyone else?
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    USB standard is 5W's the Touchpad requires 10W. It was the same issue as with the iPad..some Apple Computers (post iPad) should charge it but PC's...nope...Get a Touchstone or use the official USB power plug..

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    It's the way it is. If you want it to charge, then you need to have it plugged into the adapter.
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    it will charge slowly from a PC, I believe the screen needs to be off and the TP won't indicate it's charging. There was a thread around here a few weeks ago. Will also charge from phone AC adapters (once again slower than with the TP charger).
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