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    Doctored my TouchPad to 3.0.2 last night and thought everything went well. Got to work this morning and attempted to play some games, Dead Runner, Glow Hockey, Hero of Sparta to name a few. The games open and are no longer full screen or appear distorted or just a blue screen appears. Any idea what might have went wrong? I erased all the apps and reinstalled them and the same problem persists. Prior to doctoring these apps opened full screen without any issues.
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    Might I suggest a re-doctor.
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    I plan on re-doctoring when I get home tonight, I'm hoping that fixes the problem.
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    Re-doctoring didn't fix the issue, hmmm.
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    maybe it's a thing with the new catalog? Tried deleting and reinstalling those apps?
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    upgraded to 3.0.2 and dead runner, sprite lite and some others show the same screen issue...
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    This thread (and some others) are discussing the problem. Maybe the precentral-masters could merge them.
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    I ended up creating a new profile after doctoring again and that fixed some of the issues with a few of the apps, others still aren't right, like Dead Runner.

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