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    Quote Originally Posted by wynand32 View Post
    I wonder how much margin Best Buy makes on a fire-sale TouchPad.
    probably same as before

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    BestBuy employs a staff full of lying teenage fan-boys that push the platform they use themselves, and then BestBuy management complains that the TouchPad wasn't selling...

    From a Reddit thread, before HP killed off the device:

    israfel070 (+12/-14) 8 days ago*
    Best Buy here, I have 4 HP demo units in a row (iPad2 has two), only one of which actually turns on. I literally take confused old people by the hand and lead them over to the Android tablets.

    App Catalogue is horrifying. "Can you play sudoku?" "Sure! Let's just tap in a search for... and... I guess not. But let's try another huge game like Angry Birds for examp... uh. You know what, let's go check out the Galaxy Tab!"
    Staff actively lying to customers and sabotaging sales, right there.
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    I was at an Office Max yesterday waiting to buy a mouse and heard the employee tell a customer on the phone they don't have any because HP isn't making computers anymore just printers... I'm sure her employer would prefer for her to continue to try and sell a couple of PCs :O
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    Quote Originally Posted by smmullen View Post
    I've now dealt with the manager of my BBY twice in the last week or so regarding the TouchPad fire sale, and the best I can figure out is that he simply hates webOS. I stopped by the store at opening time on Sunday, and this was what he told the small group of us hoping for TPs:

    "We have no TouchPads, in fact no Best Buy store in the US has TouchPads. They've all been sent back to HP. You can get them in Canada. We have a lot of other tablets and we'd be happy to sell you one of them. Be thankful you didn't buy the TouchPad, as it would have been a waste of money."

    This was obviously wrong or a lie. We know people purchased TPs from BBY on Sunday. Maybe HIS were sent back, but not all of them. I didn't feel like arguing with him, however.

    Then today, I stopped by since I'd been hearing that BBYs are getting new stock in. This was the response from the same guy to the two of us waiting at the door at opening time:

    "We might get some in on Saturday ... maybe. The TouchPad is a waste of money, though, even at $99. The app developers have abandoned the platform and it only had 10-20 apps to begin with."

    I flat out told the guy he was wrong, that the app developers have NOT abandoned the platform en masse, and that it had about 300 tablet-specific apps at launch. Additionally, I reminded him, that for $99 if it was only used as a digital picture frame, an e-reader, or a web browsing and email device, it was worth the money. He told me the Kindle app isn't supported anymore, and as I called him on that, he walked away.

    Sadly, I'm going to have to go back there on Saturday morning if Irene isn't laying waste to my town, just to see if they have them.
    Funny that guys says that, because I got my Touchpad on a shipment that got to a local BBuy on Tuesday. Another shipment of them hit another local BBuy yesterday...
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