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    it now says "out of stock" instead of "coming soon"....
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    It hasn't happened yet. Sign up for notification on the HP website.
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    Negative Ghostrider, I think their pattern is full.
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    Anyone have a idea when HP.COM will have this sale and how many they may have.
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    There is no way of knowing - they aren't saying. All they will say is to sign up on their website for notification and/or follow @BrynaAtHP or @MarkAtHP for updates.
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    I don't think they'll start anything new until they clean up their mess from the first sale.
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    Something happened, because they're apparently shipping a 16 to me that I ordered through a link posted here the other day . . . Don't have shipping confirmation, but all signs are pointing that way. I was surprised, actually.
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    I talked to an HP rep this morning that said to the best of her knowledge they didn't get anymore. The website must have had a glitch. She said they should have more next week.

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