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    HP TouchPad Wi-Fi 16GB | HP® Official Store

    The detail page seems to have disappeared....could this mean changes are being made?
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    still works for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by tayswg20 View Post
    still works for me
    Strange, perhaps you are looking at a cached version.
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    Still works over here as well.
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    I also have no problem viewing it.
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    the red button now has Out of Stock baked into an image instead of text
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    HP Home & Home Office Store - We're sorry, the page requested was not found

    When I load this up I get a message saying "the page requested was not found" I can however access the 32 gb page.
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    fine here
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    in hans109h's defence, I was having that issue yesterday. Same exact issue, 16gb was missing and 32gb was fine. After 30 minutes it started working for me for some reason.
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