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    Does the native browser on the TouchPad support text reflow when zooming in on a webpage?
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    While I can't speak to the TouchPad version of the browser, I can say that the webOS phones do not support this feature. It's most egregious to not have it on a phone with its small screen size. You're often left panning back and forth to read a web page after you zoom in to increase the font size to be legible enough. This really needed to be added, and sadly it looks like that'll never happen now.
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    from what I've seen, it doesn't do the text reflow... I kinda wish it did it, but it doesn't... Hopefully in a futur e update.
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    does anyone know if an aftermarket webos browser supports this? Also, would it be at all possible for a patch to add in this functionality (doubt it) ?

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