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    I have just unboxed my Touchpad, I've plugged in the USB cable to my wall socket and into the touchpad however it's been sitting like this for 50 minutes now and the touchpad just displays the USB symbol on screen.

    Nothing is hot. I've done a "hard reset" but the USB symbol just comes back up?

    I assumed it was just low power as it's a brand new device but now after 50 minutes there has been no change and I'm getting worried.

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    Ok I've resolved this. Take out the USB cable, do a hard reset and then it will boot up (if there is enough charge) then plugin the cable again. All seems well.

    Previously I left the charging cable in after the hard reset and it just showed the USB symbol again.
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    I've got the same problem. How did you do a hard reset?
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    Never mind, I found the answer in the "How do I..." thread.

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